Every month, 2nd Saturdays in Siaulia and 4th Saturdays in Panevezis city.

Harinama is not some unconscious thing or some imaginary thing. It is not some unique object in this plane that can be seen, nor does it belong to this visible manifest world at all. Harinama is the incarnation of the Supreme Lord. It is Bhagav n Himself. The Holy Name (nama) is directly Hari, and Hari is directly the Holy Name. Sri Nama is transcendental substance, complete in itself. It is the omnipotent Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.

The transcendental name (nama) is non-different from the person who is named (nami). Sri Nama is self-manifest. Sri Nama has His own initiative. The transcendental name, Sri Nama, is Himself the personality of the name, sri nami, and the transcendental name is Himself the person who has form, qualities, and associates and performs various transcendental pastimes. The transcendental name is Himself that form, those qualities, those associates and those pastimes. There is no difference between the Holy Name (nama) and the person (nami).

The transcendental name is sabda-brahma. Sri Nama is Krishna Himself. In this age of Kali, sri Krishna has appeared in the form of His Holy Name, Sri Nama. Those who chant the Holy Names are themselves conscious beings; they alone can speak harikath of vibhu-cetana, the supreme, infinite conscious Being Sri Harinama. They say, “O Holy Name! I am your servant and have accepted your shelter.”

Those who engage in chanting the Holy Names are the servants of Harinama Prabhu. Sri Krishna Himself has appeared in the form of His name. Therefore we will thoroughly accept the exclusive shelter of harinama. We shall not go to anyone else.

from Srila Prabhupadera Upadesamrta

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