The activity of New Govardhan Ashram is to help people realize their relationship with the Personality of Godhead - Krishna. Therefore, by supporting our activities, you will directly contribute to the mission of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada in spreading the glory of the Holy Name. Even the smallest donation is very important and valuable to us.

Method of supportHow to support
Transfer to the accountBeneficiary name: Kėdainių m. Krišnos Sąmonės religinė bendruomenė
Registration number: 302680103
Address: Ateities g. 11, Pajieslio kaimas, Kėdainių rajonas
IBAN: Swedbank LT65 7300 0101 3673 5518
Assigning 2 percent income tax amounts paid during the yearPursuant to the Personal Income Tax Law of the Republic of Lithuania, each taxpayer can designate up to 1.2 percent of the income tax amount paid per year to a non-profit organization with the status of a beneficiary. The resident must submit the request by May 1 of this year. to the county State Tax Inspectorate.

You can fill out the form in two ways:
1. Directly online through the electronic declaration system
2. Fill the paper form and deliver it to the nearest VMI. The form can be found here
By leaving the offering box in the temple 
By handing over to a responsible personVraja rupa pr. (Benas) 8 612 99235

Targeted support for departments

You can support the activities of our departments:

Deity worships - Decorating the Deities, updating the paraphernalia, making sweets for the Deities, etc.

Sankirtana - organization of harinams, distribution of books.

Organising celebrations - lecturers' arrival expenses, food preparation, flowers, etc.

Farm - utility bills, repairs, cleaning, etc.

Your donation can be targeted - you can designate your donation for a specific holiday or a specific activity. To donate to a specific activity, please indicate the purpose.

All support and donations are strictly used according to the purpose. If the donation is not targeted, the funds will be distributed in the most rational and necessary way possible.

Estimated monthly expenses

Ashram expenses per month:

Dievybių garbinimo – 200 €
Švenčių organizavimo – 250 – 500 €
Ūkio poreikiai – 100 €

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